If the device’s auto-lock time is shorter than the time for the music to fade out, the device may lock automatically, interrupting the application and causing the music to stop abruptly.
To avoid awakening due to sudden loss of music, please check the following settings in advance.

1. device settings→screen display and brightness→longer “auto lock” time
2. App settings→shorten the fade-out time

1. device settings→security→screen lock→lengthen “time from screen off to lock
2. Device settings→Display→Lengthen “Screen off time
3. go to application settings→shorten the fade-out time

1. After starting, close your eyes and wait while holding the phone. After a while, the observation target will appear.

2.When the observation target appears…
1.Tap the screen with your finger.
2.Move your finger slightly while touching the screen. Then you have made an observation and your score will increase.

3.Whether you could fall asleep peacefully or not? Use your score as a guide.

4.There are two times when the app determines that you have fallen asleep.
1.Your finger is off the screen.
2.Your finger is on the screen but stationary.
If this state continues for a while, it will pause and display the time. The appearance of the observation target also stops.

5.Check and save the time after you wake up the next morning. Now close your eyes like this.